About Us


Our lead founder, Rana Chakma, comes from a very humble beginning. His childhood dream was to lead a better life and help others. His parents and teachers advised him to “study very hard, get a job with a good salary in order to have a better life”. He studied very hard and received scholarships from primary level to his Master’s program. He received the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholarship from the Indian Government in 1982 to study his Bachelor of Engineering degree from IIT – ISM, one of the most prestigious universities in India. Additionally, he received the Equity and Merit Scholarship Scheme (EMSS) scholarship from the Australian Government in 1991 to study his Master’s degree at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). In spite of working with some national and international organizations for over 30 years, Rana realized that the old advice to “study very hard, get a job with a good salary in order to have a better life” wouldn’t give him the better life he sought since childhood. He realised that this was a pressing issue plaguing the modern men and women.

Rana was searching for a means by which ordinary people like him could lead a better life. In addition to analysing hundreds of books, Rana joined many organizations and focus groups: International Training in Communication (ITC), Toastmasters International, Raja Yoga Meditation, Sahaja Kundalini Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Pranic Healing, Art Of Living, Stars of Success and still he couldn’t find the answers he was looking for.

In 2015 during a meditation retreat at Mount Abu, India, while meditating, three words Health, Wealth and Happiness flashed repeatedly in Rana’s mind. Of course, at the time, Rana didn’t understand why these three words had entered his thoughts. When he discussed this with Yuvraj Poojary, a co- founder of PBL and a long-time practitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation, the idea of setting up a company to provide Health, Wealth and Happiness to others was conceived. However, it wasn’t until the following year, Pro Better Living started to take shape.

Rana and Yuvraj named the company Pro Better Living (PBL) to represent the spirit of improved health, decent income and inner happiness. They are very passionate and dedicated to helping others improve their health, increase their income and discover happiness. At PBL we strongly believe every human being deserves a chance at better living, and that we all have the power and potential to lead a better life full of great health, wealth, love, and happiness. Our job is to show and provide the right tools to others as they embark on their journey towards better living.

Our Partners

At PBL, we believe all human beings deserve to lead a better life. Living a better life is not a privilege limited to only certain groups of families, communities and countries. So PBL provides a business opportunity as Individual Partnerships to those individuals who would like to improve Health, increase Income and live a Happy life.

Based on specific criteria set out for products such as quality, value, ability to enhance life and improve health; PBL has entered partnerships with some organizations under Corporate Partnerships who are national and multinational conglomerates.

Why us?

We are an obsessively passionate team who are determined to have financial freedom, improve our lives, and leave a legacy for future generations. Our PBL founders and partners bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to provide unique products & services to our customers.

We support individuals who want to have a better life. We guide and mentor them to start their business with us. We provide three values:


We strive to provide unique and quality products and services


Our dedicated team works closely with you towards your success


We guide you step-by-step to start your business immediately